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Topic Description
Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics Covers the fundamental principle of thermal equilibrium, stating that if two systems are in equilibrium with a third, they are in equilibrium with each other.
First Law of Thermodynamics Focuses on the conservation of energy, including concepts of internal energy, heat transfer, and work in thermodynamic processes.
Second Law of Thermodynamics Explores entropy, irreversibility, and the direction of heat flow, emphasizing the limitations of energy conversion and the concept of entropy increase.
Third Law of Thermodynamics Deals with absolute zero temperature, entropy at absolute zero, and the unattainability of reaching absolute zero.
Heat Transfer Studies the mechanisms of heat transfer, including conduction, convection, and radiation, and their application in various systems.
Entropy Explores the concept of entropy as a measure of the system's disorder and the increase of entropy in irreversible processes.
Energy Conversion Focuses on the conversion of energy from one form to another, such as mechanical work to heat and vice versa.
Thermodynamic Systems Discusses the properties and behavior of closed, open, and isolated systems in the context of energy and heat transfer.
Thermodynamic Processes Covers different types of processes, including isothermal, adiabatic, isobaric, and isochoric, and their mathematical representation and analysis.
Thermodynamic Potentials Explores internal energy, enthalpy, Helmholtz free energy, and Gibbs free energy as thermodynamic potentials and their significance.
Thermodynamic Cycles Studies cyclic processes, such as the Carnot cycle and Rankine cycle, and their application in power generation and refrigeration systems.
Chemical Thermodynamics Focuses on the thermodynamics of chemical reactions, including enthalpy change, Gibbs free energy, and equilibrium constants.

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